Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Two wonderful things happened yesterday!!! 

#1.  Charlie came home! 

#2.  He brought warm weather with him!  (I'm not sure how---as he was visiting an even COLDER part of Utah, but I don't question his magical abilities!)

I was instantly taken by how much of a LITTLE BOY he had become instead of the little baby he was when he left....FOUR whole days ago.  ;) 

He had probably learned 100 new words and had picked up the habit of practicing the last word of every sentence anyone said to him!  Language acquisition is such a miracle!!

He also knew exactly what he wanted to do:



 and "BUBBLES!!!!!"

Fritz wants in on the action

And action is all the Fritz is about!

Doing the U-bend to catch that bubble!

"Must catch them ALL!!! Must catch them ALL!!!"

"Silly Fritzel!  Mamma will blow more"

Catching some serious AIR

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

Fritz was happy to have Charlie back, too!

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