Saturday, May 28, 2011

Charlie is taking acting lessons

Last night, Charlie and his parents came up from the basement to say "nite nite" to Bumpa (Grandpa) and LaLa.  I had been baking banana bread (because I'm the epitome of grandmotherhood) and Charlie was happy to sample some before he went to bed.  "Bumpa" was eating chips.  After sampling banana bread, Charlie toddled over to beg some chips off of Bumpa.  But as he was going, his pajama bottoms got caught under his heel causing him to slip on the hardwood floor and he fell to the ground.

"Oh Charlie!"  I exclaimed.  "Did you slip?  Are you okay?  Let LaLa kiss it."

And back he came to me to get kisses.

Then as he went back to his grandpa to get chips, it occured to him that this was really quite a fine set up.  And he slipped again.

Down to the floor he fell.  Letting out a painful moan and saying, "SLIP!  SLIP!"  Then adding, "Kisses?!?"

I played along.  "Oh Charlie!  Did you slip again?  Come back for kisses."  And I showered his neck with silly kisses.

His parents were watching and started to giggle.  That was all the audience he needed!

Over and over again, Charlie "slipped" and fell to the floor.  Trying different dramatic poses each time and adding new and more pitiful moans.  I don't think a trained actor in slapstick comedy would have been able to be as inventive.

Over and over he "slipped" and over and over again, I played the doting grandma willing to shower him with kisses to "make it all better."

About the 7th time he had a dramatic "fall," I suggested he go to his mamma for kisses.  He stopped and looked at her VERY intently.  She beckoned him over sweetly, but he decided not to go there. 

One can never tell what thoughts are going through a toddler's head, but there were definitely some gears turning while he considered that option.  When he really does get hurt, Mamma is the FIRST person he runs to for comfort and kisses.  But this time, he wouldn't consider it.  Not for anything.

We decided later it was because he KNEW Mamma would see through his scam.  But LaLa?  She was dumb.  ALWAYS falling for whatever Charlie wanted.  She was an easy target.  ;)

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