Friday, May 27, 2011

A Little Boy's Prayer

Yesterday, I got to listen to a little boy's prayer.  It was the first time I had heard Charlie pray.  His parents have been teaching him to pray every day.  Over meals and at bedtime.  But until recently, it had just been a battle to help him fold his arms and be quiet while someone else prayed.  Yesterday was different.

Charlie is only 20 months old.  But already, his understanding of Jesus and God are developing. 

Of course his mother helps him pray.  But he can fold his own arms and bow his own head, now.  And he says the words his mother whispers for him.  Or at least most of the words.  He does his very best.

"Please bless the food," she whispers.

Charlie says, "Bess" and "Fuud."

"And we are thankful for it..."

Charlie says, "Tank full."

Charlie is very good at following his mommy.  But there is one part of his prayer that he does all on his own.  He lists the people he loves.

His mother starts him out, "And please bless Daddy..."


"And please bless Grandpa..."


Then Charlie takes over and blesses everyone he knows.


"Ray Uul"

"Chin chin"



He goes down his own list of people that he loves and prays for all of us.  Then his mother helps him end the prayer.

"Jee Zuss."


It is comforting to know that this very little son of God is remembering me in his prayers.  His faith is so sweet and so strong and I am sure that I am very blessed because of it.

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