Friday, May 20, 2011

Marrying Off A Son

Marrying off a son is surely different than marrying off a daughter.  The wedding is in June, and so far, I haven't had to do anything other than compile the list of names of who to invite.

Three years ago, I was frantically shopping for silk flowers for centerpieces, planning and replanning the menu, figuring out bride's maids' dresses, trying to decorate the church multi-purpose room, and regularly having disagreements with my daughter.  It was a stressful time.  A very stressful time.

But when you marry a son off, those responsibilities go to the bride's family.  Thoughts of decorating haven't even entered my mind.  Invitations---also not my worry.  The only worry about bride's maids' dresses I have is how will the ones chosen fit my teenage daughter, as she will be in the lineup.

With all this lack of worry about the wedding, I find that deep inside, I am really more worried.  Worried about things that weigh a little heavier.

Will my son be able to support a family?  Does he know enough about how to manage money? 

Will he finish school?  Can he work AND study AND do all the things necessary for a happy marriage?  Or will it overwhelm him? 

Does he know enough about personal communication?  Can he sit down with her and talk about the important things?  Will they be happy?

Will he stay close to God and let Him guide?  For surely their life will have trials and troubles and they will need Him.

Sometimes having superficial worries helps to cover up the deeper ones.  This time, the deeper ones have come right out in the open.


  1. Wow, Candelyn marrying off a son you are far too young. I hope all is well

  2. Yes, I agree. Unfortunately, I'm not in charge. ;) Thanks for looking at my blog. I loved looking at yours, too. Especially your daily photo blog!


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