Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Never Get Sick

I have a confession to make: 

There have been times in my life when I wished I could get sick.  Times when life seemed so very hectic or emotionally stressful that I wished I could get some vague rare disease that would keep me on bed rest for several days....or maybe several weeks.  Just so I could get a break.  And have time to think.   And breathe.

But late last night was NOT one of those times.  I did NOT wish to get sick.  And certainly NOT with the stomach flu.  (My "vague rare disease" was never debilitating or unpleasant!)

I was the ONLY one in our house to escape the wicked virus 2 weeks ago.  I helped take care of everyone else.  I cleaned up the throw-up.  I brought the Gatorade.  I made the hot washcloths.  I spoke the soothing words.

I was a GOOD mother!  I was a GOOD wife!  And good mothers never get sick.  Isn't that the rule?!?

And it's been TWO weeks!  I was sure I had dodged the bullet!

Apparently the fates thought differently.  And saved my turn for Mother's Day night.  As a special gift.  Just for me. 

How thoughtful. 


  1. This is soo true!!!! This week I had a horrible sore throat and those amigdalitis that keeps you so sick, and can't eat. But I had to be on time for the rides (Nabil goes to swim team 4 to 5), and perfectly fine for the soccer AA tryouts, so important date for Farid. The laundry was done slower, this week though...

  2. Oh, I hope you feel better soon!


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