Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rock Canyon

Yesterday afternoon, my husband and I went for our evening stroll up Rock Canyon. 

The one we used to go on every evening........before WINTER happened. 

Before winter kept happening.

Even earlier this week, the last week of May, winter still threatened.

But yesterday, WINTER WAS GONE!

We set off up the trail through a perfumed lilac forest.  The smell was ethereal.

The grass was lush and green.

Mountain flowers were blooming everywhere.

Even mushrooms were growing!

The most amazing thing though, was our dry creek bed.  The one that turned into a slow, sweet, babbling brook with last year's run off.  THIS year?  Well, see for yourself.  A photo wouldn't do it justice, so I'm posting a video.

I LOVE Rock Canyon when spring finally comes!

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