Thursday, May 5, 2011

Speaking in Tongues and "Da Duck"

My husband is amazing!  Ever since I've known him, he could speak in tongues.  This is not some sort of religious miracle.  This is simply his very best talent:

My husband can speak Donald Duck!

You may think that this wonderful talent is not so useful in life.  And up until now, it really has been more of a party trick than a meaningful superhuman power.  But you see, now there is CHARLIE!

And Charlie LOVES Donald Duck.  Everything Donald!  And there is a LOT of Donald Duck in our house.  (Years of Father's Day presents and the like.)  He is definitely his grandfather's boy!  Even before he could talk, he did his own version of the duck voice.  "Quack, quack, quack...quack quack."

Just SOME of the Duck paraphenalia around the house that Charlie goes gaga over:

"Da Duck" Mug

"Da Ducks! Da Ducks!" (must be hugged every morning)

"Da Duck" Desk Accessory
"Da Duck" T-shirt

"Da Duck Wa Wa"
"Da Duck" Tie.
 Charlie's favorite.  Very useful at church.

So you can imagine his ectasy when his parents took him to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago.  We received this phone text along with these pictures:

"Charlie says hi. To heck with the mouse, the duck wins, hands down!'"

It reminded me of a similar trip we took years ago.  And I had to dig out this favorite photo of mine:

 How did they grow up so fast?

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