Monday, May 23, 2011

They're LEAVING!!!

Yes, it's true.  Charlie and his parents are moving!  We received the news last night.  They are on their feet financially now.  And away from the nest they are flying.

They've found an apartment nearer to campus.  A fun apartment.  Around other young couples with children.  Around other young married students.  Around other people's beloved grandchildren.

WHATEVER will I do???

SIGH.  I will miss them.  They will be a whole 3 minute drive away, and things will never be the same again.

I keep hearing music in my head from "My Fair Lady."

"I've grown accustomed to [his] face..."

His sweet face.  Calling out "LaLa?" as he wanders up the stairs to find me.  His sweet face.  Saying "Bye, bye" as he heads off somewhere with his mamma.  His sweet face.  Requesting "Outside?  Swing?  Slide?"  His sweet face.

But I also hear other music.  The sound of a whistle on Charlie's father's lips.  The humming of a tune.  A broad smile on my daughter's face.

So I am happy.  It is not easy to live with your parents or in-laws.  I am happy this little family gets to be out on their own.  It is time and they are ready.  And I will still be able to visit and hear my sweet grandson call out "LaLa" when I arrive.  I can still swoop him up for a big hug!  And I'm sure he will still come over to "swing"  and "slide."

Besides, a certain young newlywed couple will be needing a place to live soon.  We now have room.  And I love them, too.  ;)

*some photos in this entry are borrowed without asking.  Thank you Nicole and Lizzy.  ;)

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