Friday, May 13, 2011

Thrift Store Thursday

I love thrift stores.  My husband hates them.  He thinks they smell funny.  He never sees anything he would like to buy.  "Just a bunch of junk."

But he just doesn't have an eye for the good stuff.  I love vintage.  I love retro.  I believe every household should have a healthy costume collection.  And I love finding unique decorating items.

I had a lot of fun at the thrift store this week!  Here are my super-cool finds:

#1.  A custom made wool dress from the 60's!  Bright ORANGE!!!

It just fit my daughter. 

She put on some gogo boots and got a little GROOVY! 

Here is another place you can look at groovy 60's clothes and patterns.

#2.  A delicate handmade cornucopia from Italy.

I can't wait for next Thanksgiving's table decor! 

#3.  Rockin' 70's Rainbow Suspenders.  (Who doesn't want a pair?)

#4.  A Danish Modern Bird Candelabra.

I absolutely LOVE anything Danish modern.  And this my favorite find.

(You can find some other versions here.)

Once I get it oiled up and filled with candles, I will find the perfect place to display it.

Not a bad day for vintage fun!

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