Friday, May 6, 2011

Whirlygigs and memories

THIS came in the cereal this morning!

It was a REAL toy!  (Not one of those toys that you think will be fun and then turns out to be stupid or breaks immediately.) 

 I played with it.

Over and over and over again! 

Whirlygigs are slightly addictive!

It was a very silly thing to be so excited about a cereal-box toy, but it brought back some lovely memories.  Memories of my grandparents.  And summers spent with them.  And playing with cereal-box toys.

My beloved Grandma and Grandpa

When I was a child, we didn't buy name-brand cereals.  It just wasn't in the family budget.  But when we visited my grandparents,  it was!  My brother and I would be SO excited.  I remember other whirlygigs.  I remember little boats that would propel themselves in the bathtub.  I remember cars that would rev up and go.  

I did an image search of cereal-box toys and enjoyed seeing some of the old ones.  Maybe you will, too.

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