Thursday, June 2, 2011

Books are Love

It doesn't seem long ago at all.  I was sitting on a couch or a bed with my children piled all around and on top of me.  Reading a book.  Looking at the pictures together.  Feeling that joy together.

Yesterday, I caught Charlie's mother reading him a book.  He listened intently.  And looked carefully at each page.

It was a book I used to read to her.  Out of our home library. (I'm SO glad I saved all the children's books!) 

A few minutes later, Charlie's uncle came home from work.  He saw the "reading of favorite books" going on and had to join in.

I got tears in my eyes when I heard him reading it to Charlie just the way I had read it to him when he was little.  Charlie was pointing to the pictures and anticipating the next page.  And there was a certain reminiscent grin on my son's face.  It filled me with serene happiness. 

Books are Love.  And that love bridges the generation gap without a single hitch.

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