Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bored at Costco...

While waiting for our eye appointments at Costco, I played with my camera some more.  And this time I had a captive audience.  Well, actually a captive daughter to take photos of.  ;)

She was a good sport, though.  Letting me capture JUST her eye liner color for the picture.  (a tricky business, that--but it picked up some of her eye color, too.)

And some in her jeans and purse.....

Then we captured just YELLOW.  That made for an interesting look:

When my daughter really did tire of my goofiness, I had to find another subject....and so I moved on to PINK flowers.

Then wondered, what if I chose only GREEN?

Somehow GRAY flowers were just not very striking....

So I tried Costco ORANGE right as they called us back to the optometrist.

Life is never boring when you have a camera in your purse.... ;)

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