Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cleaning the Porch is Fun to Do, Fun to Do, Fun to Do.....

I decided to spray off the back porch.  Again.  Hopefully, the pine trees have stopped spraying their pollen all over for the year.  (Literally, a breeze would go by and it looked like they were puffing great clouds of yellow smoke.)

I forgot about the dog.  As soon as I started spraying, he attacked.

He thought the water from the hose was an admirable opponent.

Worthy of being bitten.  Time and time again.

I just wanted to get my work done.....

No matter which setting I put the sprayer on, Fritz was ready to take that monster DOWN.

Sometimes the opponent got the better of him.  But he never gave up.

I managed to clean all the yellow pollen off the back porch.  But ended up with a VERY wet dog.

Very wet, and very happy.  ;)

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