Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Difference between "Men" and Boys

When my grandson Charlie wants my attention, he pretends to fall down and get hurt.  He is just a baby boy.  But it works.  I run to his aid and shower him with sympathy and kisses.

Apparently my oldest son was feeling a little neglected lately.  Maybe he was wishing to be the subject of one of my blog posts.  Maybe he needed my attention, too.

Because late last night I found photos of him on facebook.  Gory photos of him in the emergency room with a terrible injury to his knee.  He had wrecked on his bicycle and the skin on his knee was ripped wide open. 

Apparently he was getting the medical care that he needed.

Apparently a nursing student named Charai was in charge of cleaning his wound.  (Thank you Charai for you skills.  I hope you were gentle and kind.) 

Also apparent was that my son's friend Lance (who drove him to the hospital--thank you Lance) had a camera phone that uploads photos.  Because he is the one that uploaded the 7 gory photos I found.  They were posted to the world before the doctor had even come to stitch him up.  Before I ever even knew my son was hurt.  I had to call (no answer) and then text my son to find out what happened.

But I guess that is the way with "men."  They need more real trauma instead of pretended acting drama. 

Dear Son,  I am still going to shower you with sympathy and love.  But I wish you weren't really hurt.  I wish it was all pretend.

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