Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fritz Has Surgery

Today, Fritz got to go for a ride.  He was very good about getting into the car.  He sat up all happy and interested in the world.  He didn't bark or growl out the window.

Two days ago we took him with us to the home improvement store. Everyone (including the employees) said, "How Cute!" or "Can I pet him?"  It was a wonderful outing for him.  Lots of love.  A world of excitement.

Today's outing was not at ALL the same.  I felt terribly guilty dropping him off this morning at the "Spay and Neuter Clinic."  But also very responsible and proper inside.  It was a mixed feeling. 

I don't know what Fritz was feeling when we left.  I'm sure he didn't know just how awful he was going to feel before we would come back for him.  Maybe he didn't know if we would come back at all.   

But come back we did.  And brought our baby home:

Sorry Fritz.  I'd like to say it really is for your own good.  But I'm not sure.

Feel Better Soon. 

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