Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun With My Camera

I have had my camera for a few years now. And mostly, I've only used it in automatic mode. But today I decided to have some more fun. I got out the manual and read it!

And then I set to work to practice all the fun features.
I played with something called "color accent." It makes it so you can choose the only color you want to show up in your picture.  The rest is black and white.  How cool is that???

Then I used a color enhancement feature--to bring out the brightest colors.

I played with exposure.

And backlighting.

I learned how to lock the focus.

locked on my hand

not locked, so it focuses in the distance

I used the macro focus.  This is something I use quite often and LOVE.

I played with "continuous shot."  Perfect for fast moving subjects.  ;)

I used "long shutter mode" with a flashlight and tripod in the dark basement. Tee hee.

I overexposed on purpose.

I underexposed on purpose.

I had fun.  ;)


  1. It was for the newlyweds that soon will live there, Sam. ;P


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