Saturday, June 18, 2011

Girl's Day Out! (guest written by Charlie)

Yesterday, Mamma and LaLa and Auntie Rachael had a "girl's day out."  They went to their favorite mega-store:

It was just girls......and a very cute little boy.  ME!

We looked at everything there was to see.  Mamma and LaLa and Auntie Rachael dreamed about every possible item and how it would fit into our lives.  All 2 million items.

I got tired of being in a cart.  So they let me down to play.

I loved the rocking MOOSE!

And my very own little EGG CHAIR.

Auntie Rachael really wished they had one that fit her.

There was a SLIDE. (My favorite)

And a puppy dog to love....

That had a tongue, just like ME.

And a super bouncy couch...

 with a friend to play hide and seek.

In the end, all my mommy bought was a potty.  But she says it's just for ME. 

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