Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Gone, Gone."

Yesterday was moving day.  Charlie's parents rented a U-haul and loaded up all their stuff and moved away. 

I got to babysit Charlie while it was going on.  I talked to him all about how he was going to have a "new house" and that all his toys would be there for him in his "new room."  He held on tight to his Lamby and to his Pooh Bear.  They were not packed away because they are his favorites.  We watched as his parents and friends loaded up the big truck with all the boxes and furniture.

None of us knew how Charlie would take the big move.  Living at our house is all he can remember.  So I talked to him about it a lot.  All day long.  With all the vocabulary a toddler can understand.  Near the end, we walked down into his empty room and all he could say was, "Gone, gone."

I was worried.

When the last boxes were moved and it was finally time to take Charlie over to his new house, we grabbed up Lamby and Pooh Bear and off we went. 

Charlie's new room wasn't set up yet, but he could clearly see that his toys were there.  I unpacked one box and he went around excitedly becoming reaquainted with his rocking horse, his toy trains, and his cars. 

As his parents took the truck back to U-haul, my younger daughter and I helped set up his room.  He played and was very content.  I felt good about his transition and that he would probably be okay at the "new house."

But when it was time to say goodbye, he hugged onto his mamma and wasn't really interested in hugs or kisses from me.  He was also VERY tired, as he hadn't had a nap all day.

Then as we were walking out the door, he left his mamma and came running up to see me.  I thought, "Oh, he IS going to give me a hug!"  I was practically in tears, of course, because this was the big goodbye.  He was no longer going to be a part of my daily life.  He and his parents were out on their own.

But instead of giving me a big hug, he simply reached out and closed the big door in my face. 

Sigh.  I guess he really is "gone, gone." 

But now I know he will be just fine at his new house,

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