Sunday, June 12, 2011

We aren't fun anymore

We took our teenage daughter to "Summerfest" yesterday.  She really wanted to go.

We really wanted to go, too.

But somehow we are not as much fun as we used to be.  None of her siblings were there.  Just her old fuddy duddy parents.  We didn't want to ride any of the rides.  She did, but she didn't want to ride alone.  That was no fun.

We weren't interested in the booths with all the cheap touristy things for sale.  She really was.  But feeling like we were just "waiting on her" wasn't very fun.

She wanted to play some of the carnival games.  We thought they were a waste of money.

We wanted to sit in the shade and listen to chamber music.  She wanted to have some fun!

We got hot and sunburned and wanted to go home. She wanted to stay longer.

But there was ONE place that we all had some fun.  When we got to the art booths.  There is something about art that speaks to every soul.

Even if you think it is weird or strange, you still want to look. 

So we had fun at Summerfest afterall!

(And later that evening, she went back with some friends and rode the rides and played to her heart's content!)

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