Sunday, June 19, 2011

"What are little boys made of, made of?"

"Airplanes and Rocks."

Yesterday, for Father's Day weekend, we went to visit my husband's parents.  His father served in the Air Force and so we all went to visit the Air Force Museum.

Uncle Christian scooped up Charlie from his parents and off he went with Auntie Rachael to see the big planes.

Apparently, looking at planes is a MANLY thing to do because both Charlie and his uncle had on their MANLY smiles.  Auntie Rachael could only look on cautiously from the sidelines.  ;)

Besides all the planes outside, there were TWO hangars full of airplanes inside.  Great Grandpa knew all about them and led the way.

Charlie stored his breadstick in his mouth while he pointed and looked at every one.  Especially those hanging from the ceiling.

After looking at so many airplanes, Rachael and I got a little goofy.

But we had fun!

In the end, Charlie said, "Plane DONE."

"Play Rocks!" 

And that's exactly what he did.

Happy Father's Day to all the grown-up little boys in the world!  We love you for all you do!

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