Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grocery Shopping At It's Best

The other night, we pulled up to a stoplight behind this young couple.  Apparently, they had just been grocery shopping.  The lady on the back had her arms clear full of bags.  And each bag was clear full of groceries.

It turned out they were going the same way we were.  We followed them around corners and through stop signs and over bumps and up hills. 

We watched with bated breath for the thin grocery bags to split open and spill their contents onto the road in front of us.

We wanted to shout out an offer of a ride in our safe and enclosed vehicle.

But they were on a loud motorcyle.  A fast motorcyle.  And they seemed perfectly content with their method of transportation.

As they zoomed past our house, continuing on their journey, I wished them well and wondered (with a little bit of envy) about being young and reckless and carefree.

The thin plastic had held.

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