Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guess Who?

Guess who's been in my garden again?

Yep.  This time I almost caught her red-handed.  She had been in my garden and then ran across the street to my neighbor's bushes.

Nibbling on the neighbor's weeds is really not a problem for ANY of us.  If she would keep to that diet, no one would complain.

But instead, she eats down my tomatoes.  And parsley.  And beets.  I was mad.

But when I zoomed in with my camera and looked closer, I sort of felt guilty.

The scarring on her face and body was extensive.  And her ribs were showing.

A car came along and honked at her, and as she trotted away down the asphalt road, I decided not to be so grumpy.  Her life is hard, too.

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