Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hamming it Up with Charlie

The other day, Charlie was over to our house for the newlywed's "present opening party."

It was all very exciting.  Great-grandma Larson was there.  Charlie got to hold Auntie Rachael's stuffed frog along with his ba ba.

But after watching so many presents get opened, and none of them were TOYS, Charlie began to get a little bored.

BUT NEVER FEAR.  LA LA IS HERE. (and her trusty, dusty camera.)

I started making faces with Charlie for the camera.

At first he wasn't so sure about it.

But after seeing his face on the LCD screen on my camera, he started to ham it up.

And then some MORE hamming it up.

Followed by even more HAM.

Until he was the HAMMIEST of all.

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