Friday, July 15, 2011

Little People

I LOVE Fisher Price Little People.

So does Charlie. 

So did his mommy.

Vintage Little People toys are one of the most creative and versatile toy systems ever made.  It is a tragedy that someone somewhere in the 80s decided that they were a "choking hazard" and ruined the joy for all generations forward. (No child actually ever choked on one.)

Luckily, I knew enough at that time to snatch up all that I could find at garage sales.  My childhood was filled with lovely memories of playing for hours with my brother and our little people sets.  I wasn't going to have my children miss out on that.

Now I have a "toy room" set up again and when Charlie comes to visit, the first thing he wants to do is go down and get all the Little People out.  And the creativity begins.

The parking garage turns into a discotheque for "Puppy" and "Auntie Rachael."  Round and round they spin while Charlie sings them some cool dancing songs.  (Poor Pig spun right off the floor, he got so crazy.)

And how perfect that this little people boy with a red hat (incidentally named "Charlie") should be learning to use the potty.

Or that "Horsey is washing his hands."  (more like drinking--but it works.)

Even "Puppy goes potty."

But tooting the train whistle is the most fun of all. 

"All Aboard"

And I do wish all children could climb aboard the vintage Fisher Price Toy Train.  I wish they still sold these toys.  So all children could still play. 

 THIS lady agrees.

And if you want to get some for yourself, try this site. 

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