Monday, July 4, 2011

My Red Door

This is my red door.  I really love it.  It used to be black.  Painting it red is something I decided to do last summer and I haven't regretted it.  Not one bit.

This spring, I decided to plant some roses to match my door.  I bought 8 bareroot roses.  The color on the package was VERY red.  They were named some sort fancy name with the word RED in it.

But THIS is what bloomed this week:

It is very, very pink.  Not at all red. 


  1. That's like the lipstick I bought the other day to go with my very much red dress..."London Red" was the color, but pink was the actual result. I had a "pink" lipstick that was more close to red and wore that instead.

  2. But they did bloom!!!

  3. Yes, blooming is nice---except they were a central part of the landscaping to match the house. I will probably pull them out and move them to the backyard now. ;(

  4. London Red! That is an obvious RED red. How could it ever be pink!? So sorry Elizabeth.


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