Friday, July 8, 2011

A New Hat for Charlie

Yesterday, I went shopping.  And I did what every grandmother would do.  I bought something for my grandson.  This time, it was a hat.  And not just any hat.  It was a Winnie the Pooh hat.

Charlie LOVES Winnie the Pooh.  He loves watching it on TV and DVD and can't wait for the new Pooh movie to come out next week.

When I stopped by their house to give it to him, he was eating his lunch.  He got to look at the hat while he finished eating, happily pointing out Tigger and Pooh and Eeyore and Piglet.  He knew each one of their names.  When he was finally done, he got to put the hat on.

 It made him SO happy.  And I thought he was SO cute.

We just had to go and look in the mirror.  Charlie stood in the bathroom sink and peered over the cabinet to get a good look at himself.  He approved.

Winnie the Pooh on his head and a Radio Flyer to ride.  What more could a boy want?

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