Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blowing Hot Glass

The other day when I took Charlie to the farm, we also went to the art studio at Thanksgiving Point.  There is a special observation room there where you can watch the glassblowers work.

I've seen glass blowing on television before, but I REALLY enjoyed watching it in person.

This was no easy task.  Definitely not an art medium for the weak or faint of heart.

We were all behind a glass window in nice air conditioning.  But these glass blowers were in the hot studio with the fire.

Into the fire, back out again.  Over and over again.  Blowing it a little bigger every time.

He had to keep the hot glass spinning constantly as he worked with it.  This bench is made special to roll the pole back and forth on the arms of it as he works.

When it was to a certain size, he attached a bottom piece.

Then that bottom piece had to be trued up to center.

Without me even realizing it, they then transferred the glass from one pole to another.  So now he is working on it from the opposite side and there is a hole in the top.

They added a lip of orange glass to the top.

Then, without warning, they suddenly flared the glass WIDE open.  

The assistant took a blow torch to it.  And the piece was done.

Soon to become another item for sale in their lovely shop.

Did I mention you can take glass blowing LESSONS here?  (This may be in my future.)

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