Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Charlie at the Farm

Charlie went to the farm today.  At Thanksgiving Point.  His mamma started law school this week, so he is spending some time with his LaLa and his Great-grandma Larson.  Today was a field trip.  ; )

Charlie loved the cow SO much, he almost climbed in the pen.

The cow was happy to be so loved, and came over for Charlie to pet up close and personal.

"Cow says Moo, La La."

Next up was a pony ride. 

Then on to the Jacob's Sheep.

Then we met another cow.  This one knew Charlie was a cow-lover.

He stuck his head right out gave Charlie cow kisses.

Charlie got to feed him.

Then it was on to the garden area where Charlie found a huge gourd growing way up high on a vine.  It was amazing the vine could hold up something so heavy.

Then on to the duck pond and some more feeding the animals.

 This huge work horse was happy to make friends.

Charlie got to pet and pet on his nose and the horse didn't even mind when Charlie accidentally poked a finger up his nostril.  ; )

These chickens were VERY hungry.  Charlie was happy to oblige them by pushing every stray kernel of wheat through the fence so they could peck at it.

The peacocks were SO enchanting, that Charlie decided to stay a while.

He even made a friend and the two of them discussed the wonders of peacocks together.

Then it was on to pet the angora goat.

And his short-haired friend.

Next door, the llama was getting a little jealous.  So we had a long chat with him.

Not bad for our first field trip!

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