Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nature Walk

All the women in my house (daughter, daughter-in-law, and me) went on a nature walk the other day.

Fall is fast approaching, but there was still quite a selection of wild flowers.

People around here call these "sunflowers."  But I've always called them "Black-eyed Susans."  What a lovely showing they put forth.

I believe this little weed is Chicory.  It was brought over from Europe ages ago---as a coffee substitute.  Apparently, the root can be roasted and ground up and has some stimulant effect.  I just remember picking them off the side of the road because they were such a lovely purple.

This butterfly was quite shy.  So I moved in slow. 

Who knew there was such beauty on the edge of a road?

I'm trying to focus on something in the center of this picture--but look at the amazing dead weed formation in the upper left corner.  My camera apparently knew what was worthy of its focus.

But seeing as I was pushing it, my camera agreed to focus on the grasshopper in the end.  Lovely creatures, grasshoppers.  So fancy in their legwear.  But then their legs are their best feature.  ; )

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