Friday, August 26, 2011

Our New Home

So this is our new......

-mountain cabin
-beach bungalow
-lake house
-Grand Canyon lodge
-Yellowstone hotel
-Alaskan tourbus
-Redwood Forest treehouse
-Montana motel
-Mt. Rushmore resort

and basic "FUNMOBILE" for the next 40 years!

Want to see inside?

Step right up and come on in!

Up above the cab, there is a bed. 

It folds out of the way when we want it to.

There is a little kitchen.

And a dinette!  (Also makes into a bed.)

A master bedroom. 

And a bathroom.  Complete with shower.

My grandparents had a camper.  And my fondest memories are of spending summers traveling all over the United States with them.  My brother and I would lay up top over the cab and watch the world go by.  Now my husband and I can have the same joy.  (And maybe invite a grandchild along once in a while!)

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