Monday, August 1, 2011

The Quilt Show

Last week, we had a "Girl's (+ 1) Day Out."  Rachael and I picked up Great-grandma and Charlie and his Mamma, and all 5 of us went to the Springville Art Museum.

They were having a quilt show.  This was a quilt made from a Hubble telescope photo of outer space.  The stitchwork was very impressive.

Someone even made a quilt of my favorite windmills.

Wow, was this one beautiful. 

Rachael found the Halloween quilts to be the most fun.

I really liked this fish.

The beadwork around his face was beautiful.

The mix of traditional quilting with artistic quilting was evident in this lovely entry.

But this "crazy quilt" was MY favorite.  The colors, the illusion of movement, the way it stood out from the wall---all caught my attention and captured my heart. 

When you looked up close at the choices of material, it didn't become any less amazing.  Hot air balloons.  Tie dye.  Polka dots.  Checkers. 

The fun was endless!

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