Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rachael's "Relationship" with Art

Rachael has a very special relationship with Art.  It makes her come alive inside. 

She just LOVED this picture of waves.  It spoke to her and she felt like she was right there IN the ocean, feeling the storm. 

She made good friends with this blackbird.  (I thought he was quite friendly, too.)

Donald Trump was thinking about his money (he's made out of folded dollar bills.)  Rachael put on a fake smile around him.

But she looked fervently into the distance with the Indian statue.

And held out a hand of welcome with another.

She was happy to be going for a walk in the sunshine with these fun girls from Russia.

And celebrated on Red Square with all the rest of the crowd.

But I honestly wasn't worried until I saw this young man checking her out from the seat of his painting.  ; )

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