Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Charlie's Birthday!

Charlie turns 2!

We had a party for him in the backyard.  Many of his favorite people came to celebrate!

There were presents to open!

Charlie got his very own copy of his favorite book from the public library. 

"Tweak Tweak!"  (It was also part of a fun game we played with him at the party.)

He received a delightful hippo and a marvelous cow!

A very fun card and present from Uncle Edwin.

And his very own "Orangey Book!"  (Richard Scarry's "Cars and Trucks and Things that Go.)

And a set of BLOCKS!  So he can "build a and build a tower."  (a song made up by Bumpa long ago for his mommy.)

There was a beautiful cake made by Aunt Alicia!

"Blow right HERE," says Daddy.  (LaLa gives a little assistance.)

Even the cake was "Tweak Tweak!"

Uncle Sam and his friend Dax demonstrate proper building technique.

Dax is VERY proud when he gets the very last piece balanced on the top of the tower.

Who says we ever grow out of playing with toys?

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