Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I have made SHOES!!!

Okay, so maybe they are more like slippers.  But I made them, myself!  Out of wool fibers!

They started out like this.  A piece of plastic in the right shape with wool roving spread all over the front and back.  A bit of tulle laid over the top and a little soapy water.....

Then, a good scrubbing and folding over the little edges of wool.  See how this now looks like a siamese twin of a Christmas stocking?  Hooked together at the tops?  Well, later on it really will be and I will cut them apart in a delicate surgery.  And because there is a piece of plastic in the middle, the insides will open up into little two little shoes!  (The removal piece of plastic is called a "resist.")

But first it must be rolled up into a tight little package and then rolled back and forth a few hundred times.  After that, I cut them open and scrub them under hot water back and forth and up and down and inside out until the wool shrinks and binds completely to itself.  And I am left with two little boots!

Which I open out, then stuff with paper and leave to dry.

A blanket stitch around the tops with some coordinating yarn finishes them off.  You'll never guess who they are for.....

Shhhhh.  Don't tell his parents.  I want it to be a surprise!

 Next up.....a pair of newborn shoes, made with a different resist pattern and waiting to be decorated.

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