Monday, October 17, 2011

Felted Witch!

"Bwahh Haa Haa!"  And "Cackle Cackle!"  I just finished felting my Halloween Witch!

And boy is she CREEEEEEEPY!  I love it!  She has a pet shrunken head that she bounces like a yoyo and a broomstick for getting around town!

She started out like this.  Just some wire and some wool batting.

I continued wrapping her.  Then needle felted on some skin color and some hands.  Her head was needle felted separately and then attached after I put her dress on.

I even gave her some witchy underwear---and a witchy bellybutton.  ; )

She's WATCHING you!!!  Her dress and hat were made by wet felting around a resist.  Her face and hands were tediously made by needle felting.  Notice her chin hairs.

And a rather large mole on her wicked nose!  Her hair was made by wet felting some dreadlocks.

 As was her shrunken head's hair.  But the shrunken head is also needle felted.

The broom was manufactured from some dry branches in my backyard and a little bit of homespun yarn.

Happy Halloweening!!!


  1. Its super creepy and gross and such

  2. Thanks Sam! I love to gross you out! It means I have been successful for Halloween! ; )


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