Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hunger Challenge---Candelyn Style

While reading some blogs, I came across something I had never heard of before.  "The San Francisco Food Bank Hunger Challenge."  It is apparently something they do every year.  You are supposed to pretend like you are on food stamps and only spend $4.72/day (the average food stamps allowance) on food for a week.  They encourage people to blog about their experience and they list those blogs on their blog.  You can also follow them on twitter or facebook.  I think the point is to encourage people to donate to the food bank.  Which I have no problem with.

But I was amazed at how hard it was for some people to live on that amount per day.  I read some of the blogs and felt like people were actually kind of whiney about it.  Maybe if you tried to eat out everyday on that budget, it would be impossible.  Or if you had to have expensive coffee every day.  But it really didn't seem like a poverty budget to me.

I am MUCH more impressed with this couple, who decided to live on $30/week (for both of them) in New York City!  And they've been doing it for three years!  They are also vegetarians (often a more costly food lifestyle!)  And they eat very well. 

I calculated what our current family would get from foodstamps.  It would be $33.04/person/week.  That adds up to almost $100/week for the 3 of us.  We do sometimes spend that much.  But not often.

I decided to cut that amount in half.  $50/week.  And I've made a goal to feed my family on that for the whole month of October.  I will be using food that I already have in the house.  I will be using what is left from our garden.  I will not be dipping into my "year's supply" of food.  I will be replenishing my pantry and freezer as I go.  I will not be couponing.

Every Tuesday, I will report on what I've spent and how things are going.  Hope you enjoy!  Maybe you would like to join me?

Here is my first post:

I went shopping yesterday and this is what I bought:

$30.10 was my bill.  I got $20 cash back.  (technically 10 cents over.)

I was stocking up on canned tomatoes while they were on sale and made sure I had enough flour and sugar.  I bought some fresh produce as well.  And some whipping cream for homemade ice cream.  (I have a box of peaches I need to use up and peach ice cream is heavenly!)

After shopping at the grocery store, I went to the BYU dairy store and bought 3 gallons of milk for $5.  That is their standard sale price.  They have it every week.  (Yes, I know I'm lucky!)

Then I stopped by a fruit stand and bought this lovely banana squash for $5.  It is enormous! I think it will feed us lovely orange vitamins all month!  Especially if I freeze some.

I have $9 (and some change) leftover for extras during the week or to save over for next week.

Currently our menu plan for the week looks like this:

Breakfasts:  pancakes, toast, cereal, eggs, leftover peach cobbler
Lunches:  sandwiches, leftovers, veggies and fruits

-Recycled spaghetti and meatballs (made into a casserole from the leftovers of a dinner a couple days ago)
-Chicken Tacos (made from chicken that's been in the freezer forever)
-Chicken Soup with Rice (with leftover chicken from tacos)
-Pumpkin Curry (made with banana squash instead of pumpkin)
-Hot dogs and beans
-Roasted squash with bacon and brown sugar (a dish my grandfather used to make....SO yummy)
-Clam Chowder (homemade with bits of extra bacon on top)

Fruits and Veggies to add to meals:
-green salad
-beets (from my garden)
-cukes (from garden)
-squash (last of the season)

Peach Cobbler
Peach Ice Cream

I will probably make some yummy rolls and loaves of bread for next weeks lunches. (We still have loaves of store-bought bread for this week.)

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