Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rocks and Fall Colors with Charlie!

This week, I went on a hike with Charlie.  Just the two of us.  To find the fall colors!

Charlie LOVES rocks.  So a hike up "ROCK Canyon" was the perfect idea of fun.

There were little rocks to pick up.  Big rocks to sit on.  And giant rocks that made up the mountains!

Charlie was happy to forge the path ahead of me.  We started looking for "orangey" trees.

We stopped at a mossy green rock to rest.  The moss was soft and fuzzy.

Then on to the colors!

"Orangey-pink LaLa."


So many pretty colors.

I let Charlie walk up a little path all by himself.

He found a most splendid treasure!

He couldn't WAIT to get back down the path and show me!

"Look LaLa!"

"A ROCK!!!"

Yup!  That's what we do.  Hike up Rock Canyon, dance in the colored leaves, and pick up ROCKS!

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