Friday, October 7, 2011

Sweater Love

"Wait 'til you see what LaLa made me!"

The other day it was 80 degrees.  We were all wearing shorts and t-shirts.  Then came the day where it started out warm and by afternoon, it was bitter cold and raining.  That was a day that Charlie came to play.  And I needed to run some errands.  But there was no way I was taking my little grandson out in the cold without a jacket or sweatshirt or something! 

What could I do?  Wrap him in a blanket?  That would do---but not very well.  He is one active little boy and wants to do everything himself.  I could hardly keep him wrapped up for very long.

Then I remembered a thrift sweater I had bought for making some of my felted owls.  It hadn't shrunk down as much as I had wished and the fibers weren't all bound together like I wanted.  So I hadn't cut it up for that craft.  It would be perfect for making Charlie a sweater!

Leaving the slightly shrunken neckline intact, I laid Charlie's t-shirt on top for an idea of how big to make the body of the sweater.  Then cut that out---with curves for the arm holes.

I cut down the arms of the sweater and cut off the ribbing to appropriate sizes for the newer smaller sweater.  It took exactly 7 seams, zig zagging, and I was done!

Neiman Marcus and I had made a lovely warm wooly sweater for Charlie!  And off we went to run errands. 


  1. One cannot help but be impressed by such resourcefulness! Did he love it?

  2. Thanks! And yes he did love it! And it was soft and snuggly, too. That's what happens to itchy wool when you felt it! Added bonus--completely washer and dryer safe now.


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