Monday, October 10, 2011

Three kinds of FELTING!


This is a lightweight silk and wool "NUNO-FELTED" scarf.  It is made by driving wool fibers through the loose woven silk.  I love the way it feels.  Very lightweight, but still warm.

I love the way the light shimmers right through it!  As the wool shrinks during the felting process, it wrinkles up the silk in fun and organic ways.

I made a bracelet to match (using wet felting) .....but decided it was too plain......

So I embellished it!


Last night I set my hands to NEEDLE-FELT a little pumpkin.  Needle-felting is a process where a barbed needle is drawn in and out through the wool fibers to lock them together.  No water, heat, or agitation is used.  Just hundreds of little needle sticks.  (I usually stick myself, too---and it HURTS!)  But I love how you can sculpt almost any shape out a just a little fluff!


My very first piece of WET-FELTED wool was used to make this eyeglass case.

Remember the booties I made for my grandson?  Well, now they are coated with non-slip backing.  A liquid usually used to coat the back of hook rugs.  But perfectly suited to WET-FELTED shoes!

Last week, I used WET-FELTING to make this creepy spider-web Halloween scarf.  Can't wait to wear it....along with these.....

I'm still working on a set of creepy witch dread-locks!

 I made this owl purse out of old sweaters.  WET-FELTING a wool sweater is easy----just toss it in the washer on hot and throw it in the dryer.  The fibers shrink up into marvelous pieces of felt!

And finally, a WET-FELTED rock.  Because everyone needs a pet rock....and this one now has a soft coat worthy of being petted.  ; )

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