Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday!

In the spirit of the "hunger challenge" which I decided to participate in this month, I am also in "waste not/want not" mode. 

Yellow summer squash are SO delicious when you pick the first few off your squash plant in mid-summer.  Saute them in butter and think they are the foods of the gods.  But by fall, I am SO sick of summer squash, I can't even bring myself to walk out to the garden and pick them.  Hence, I now have huge, hard-shelled summer squash to deal with.  I am not against using the waste not/want not clause on my sanity, and simply throwing them away or composting them.  But since I am trying this "hunger challenge," I thought I might try to save them.  What to do?  What to do?

Make Pickles!!!  I found a recipe online for summer squash pickles.  It is a sweet pickle.  With red onions added in.  And cinammon. And tumeric.  And mustard.  The brine smelled and tasted heavenly.  Hope the pickles taste that way, too! 

They look so very pretty.  All yellow and bright in their bottles.

Now what to do with those 3-day-old cinnamon rolls? 

Rachael made them for Conference Sunday--hoping her siblings would stop by and help eat them.  But they didn't come.  And now they are hard and dry.  But such good ingredients went into them!  Brown sugar.  Raisins.  Pecans.  Cream cheese frosting!

I actually googled "what to do with old cinnamon rolls."  And this is what I got:

 Bread Pudding!  Tear up the old rolls.  Add milk and eggs.  Bake. 

Dessert one night.

Then breakfast!

My, my...this thrifty thing...I'm on a roll....  Get it?  Cinnamon Roll?!   (Okay, I might not have a career in comedy.)

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