Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We Ate Like Kings! (Hunger Challenge, Week 1)

We survived our first week on the HUNGER CHALLENGE!!!

And we ate quite well indeed.  See for yourself!

Baked squash with bacon  (to die for good!)

Pumpkin soup with mint and ginger chutney and homemade bread.

Clam chowder with homemade rolls.

Homemade Bread!

Bread Pudding!

Peach Cobbler....

We ate very well and had food to spare.  The only planned menu item we didn't make was pumpkin curry.  I was tired and we ate green onion omelets and toast that night instead.

Later in the week, I used my extra money and bought a large package of yeast for $2.99 and a jar of natural peanut butter (on great sale!) for $.99.  I also went back and bought a sugar pumpkin.  So the total spent for the week was:  $46.23!  I still have $3.77 to carry over.

What we missed most this week:

Juice every night (we did have one frozen OJ still in the freezer--but drank it sparingly)
Potato chips
Ordering in pizza
Going out to dinner

What I learned and thought about the most:

How much food we waste---in our family and also as a culture at large.  I didn't throw away the heels to the bread.  I thought about my grandparents a lot--and what they did to survive.  I felt more grateful when praying over my food.

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