Monday, October 31, 2011

Woodland Fairy Costume

So what do you do when your daughter announces that she wants to be a "woodland fairy" the day before her big Halloween party?

Raid your thrift store sweater stash of course!  I just cut the arms off and made a new neckline and jagged waistline.

I saved the arms and cut them into tapered strips.

A pick of silk fall leaves and a glue gun and we are ready to go!

Just tie strips of tulle around an elastic waistband for the skirt. (Go here for a tutorial.) Then start gluing on the green tapered strips and some more fall leaves.

Here was my inspiration.

A few more scattered leaves......

And we are DONE!!!

2 dollar-store fairy wings in coordinating colors rounded out the costume for a very happy teenager!  Happy Halloween Birthday Dear Daughter!

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  1. Thanks so much Momma! :) It was perfect!


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