Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Waldorf Window Stars!

So, I've been really interested in Waldorf schools lately.  I found out about them through looking up felting blogs.  And I really like what they have to offer.  Too bad my own children didn't get to go to one.  Maybe Charlie will.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying the arts and crafts, thought patterns, and blogs associated with them!

Yesterday, I decided to brighten our windows with some Waldorf Window Stars.  The cold and dark winter has really set in here in Utah and these stars really do make things brighter and happier!

I started out with some tissue paper.  (Because I couldn't find "kite paper" at any local craft stores.  Kite paper would be better as it is more sturdy, but still translucent.)  I cut the sheets into perfect squares, then divided them again into 4 squares and then those squares into rectangles.  8 rectangles in all.  Then fold them in half and then one end like a paper airplane and the other end not so far.  Glue the tips together overlapping each on by half.  And voila!

 (There is a very good tutorial here.  And I really love this lady's whole blog!)

They really brighten up my work space!

I just love how they filter the light!

I made one for my teenage daughter.  I told her it was a "happy" star that would brighten her life through the winter.  When it wouldn't stick to her window, we put it on her paper lamp.  

It makes ME smile every time I see it!

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