Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another Before and After


This picture is from when we first looked at our house with a real estate agent.  Some of the challenges we faced in this bedroom were two tones of shell wallpaper and a weird grayish-yellow trim.  There was also a very dim and ancient square sunken light fixture that put out almost no light.  You could barely tell when it was turned on and off.  


The ugly wallpaper pulled off easily in great big sheets, but we found that under the wallpaper was ugly wood paneling!  They had used "wallpaper liner" to fill in the grooves, but it was definitely NOT a paintable surface.  So we decided to put wallpaper back up and paint all the trim bright white.  I found a textured green to match our guest room linens.

We also replaced the light fixture with a sleek modern one.  It actually lights up the whole room!  (Too bad we couldn't replace the stupid ceiling tiles---but we're lucky this is the only room in the house that has them.)

The final product?  Hopefully, a pleasant oasis for friends and family to come and visit!  (Do you want to come?)

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