Monday, March 5, 2012

Beetles I have Loved!

Did I ever mention that I love beetles?

Well, I do.  I adore them!  I think they are one of the most beautiful and amazing and interesting creatures known to mankind!  This amazing beetle is a 5 inch Rhinoceros beetle that my husband brought me home from Malaysia.  It is one of my prized possessions.

Is it not a most beautiful sculpture?  

The Designer of beetles was an artist indeed!

I collect beetles and bugs.  I admit it freely.  I don't think it is a neurosis.  If they die and I find them?  I rescue their beautiful exoskeletons from the ravages of ants and other scavengers.  I pick up cicadas and bumblebees... 


and dragonflies!

But I have always loved beetles best.

 This little beetle is a "stink bug."  That is what my grandpa always called them.  We would find them roaming solitary, around the high Arizona desert where my grandpa had a ranch.  They are really called "pinacate beetles" of the genus Eleodes.  Pinacate is a word that comes from the Aztec word, "pinacatl" which means "black beetle.  They are wonderfully tricky.  If you threaten them, they stick their bums up in the air and spray you with a stinky secretion.  Apparently there is another more triangular bug that is more commonly called "stink bug."  But it is not a beetle and it is not nearly so flagrant in its stink spraying stance.  The pinacate deserves the title more!

This little beetle is a "carpet beetle."  They are very tiny.  And hundreds of them lived outside my grandparent's house. When the sprinklers were on, they would crawl up onto the cement patio to avoid drowning. My brother and I would put them in our matchbox cars and race them.  Or crash the cars into each other. At the finish line they would crawl out all dazed and disconcerted.  We thought it was funny.  (Perhaps we should have been a little kinder.)  My favorite was when we put them in a double decker matchbox bus.  Red, like you would find in London.  They could crawl up the little stairs and go to the second floor.  So fun to have little creatures to "live in" and "drive" our toy cars!

Like the rest of the world, I also love these beautiful beetles:


  1. I get it, the vw beetle in a post about art is supposed to be satire. Ha.



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