Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finally Finished!!

We finally finished the play room/guest room.



(In between:)

We replaced the light switches and plugs:

The old switches were yellowed and grimy from almost 50 years of use.  

And for some odd reason here in Utah, the norm is for the plugs to be upside down.  Everyone knows plugs are supposed to look like a face and be right side up!!!  (grin)

I love the new white ones!  They are crisp and white and very functional.  I'm SO grateful my husband isn't afraid of such an easy and inexpensive improvement!  

We couldn't get rid of the box that covers the water main, but we did paint it to match the walls and put the toy cupboards to the side of it.  It is accessible, but doesn't stand out.

We still need some art on the walls and maybe some curtains, but I really love the bright white ceiling and the crisp white trim.  I also love that the chair rail is gone!  It makes the room appear so much bigger!

The very best part is that it is a clean and useful space for THIS boy!

What do you think?  Did we do well?


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