Thursday, March 1, 2012


"Would you like a bit of maaaarmalade on your toast?"  (said with my most English accent.)

"Indeed I would!"

When oranges this sensual go on sale for 8lbs/$1, life becomes truly luxurious at our house.

Out comes our handy dandy orange juicer.....

Mmmmmm!  The sweet juicy goodness just waiting to be squeezed!

Is there any drink known to mankind that is better than fresh squeezed orange juice?!?  I think not.  My grandfather used to squeeze fresh juice for us every morning when we went to visit him.  Sweet memories and sweet juice!  

But with all these orange peels at one time, there is another lovely pastime to enjoy!

Making Marmalade!!!

Use any recipe you like.*  I prefer to just add a bunch of sugar and cook forever until it is the right thickness for jam.  No pectin added, I just rely on the natural pectin of the oranges. Oooooheeee!  Yummy!

*People have wanted a real recipe, so here is my best attempt:

-lots of orange peels
-equal amounts of sugar

Slice the orange peels as thin as you can.  Put them in a pot with water just covering them.  Boil for 30 minutes-1 hour until they are soft and easily pierced with a fork.  Add equal amounts of sugar to the amount of orange/water concoction left in the pan.  Boil gently for an hour or more until the syrup gels slightly on a plate that has been cooled in the freezer.  If you want less bitter marmalade, you can boil and drain the oranges several times before adding the sugar.  I like mine very bitter and skipped that step.  All fruit contains natural pectin--some more than others.  I was happy with whatever gel-set I got out of my oranges.  If you want a more solid jam, follow a different recipe, adding in a more high-pectin fruit or adding in a package of pectin from the store.

Mine turned out just fine for us.  Not a solid gel, but certainly not a syrup.

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