Monday, March 12, 2012

Rate My Space?

We finished the bathroom makeover this weekend!  Our challenges included dated wallpaper, an over-sized pedestal sink that we had to squeeze past, an ancient medicine cabinet that was supposed to be sunk into the wall (but was just hung on the outside), mismatched lighting and other fixtures, mismatched tile (the shower tile is newer and has rust and gray in it and the white tile is original from the 1960s and has veins of purple and gray), and no storage.

How to update and bring the room into some sort of harmony without a very costly complete renovation was our biggest challenge! 



We replaced the pedestal sink with a thin vanity and sink.  The total depth into the room is only about 3 inches skinnier, but it makes a BIG difference in how open and roomy it feels.  It also provides real storage.  You can't imagine how frustrating it was to not have a place for toilet paper or cleaners or anything!  We also brought in a little cupboard with water hyacinth baskets.  More storage and a little decor!

We found the perfect mirror that marries the rust color of the shower tiles with the more predominant grey in the white wall tiles.   

We also updated most of the fixtures to brushed nickel.  The light had been a very old antique brass fixture with yellowed glass.  The faucet and towel racks had been a mismatch of bright brass and antique brass.  

Because we are not yet willing to pay the cost of having a custom made shower door (it is an odd size requiring a special order,) we decided to marry the brushed nickel with the bright brass so we could keep the shower door in the room.  This brushed nickel faucet came with touches of brass on it.

We found some artwork and towels that also married the various colors of the room.

The final touch was a rug that also pulled in warm rusts, cool greys, and even white.

 Did we do a good job?  Rate My Space!


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