Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So hard to make progress!

Ugh!  It is so hard to stay motivated on redoing a room when it looks like this!  You can see my paint chips taped against the baseboard in the background, Charlie's toys piled deep on the futon, and cans of paint and tools loaded up on the cupboards.  I thought if I just moved everything to the center of the room, I could work around it.  But, I finally got smart this last weekend and took everything OUT of the room (like they do on HGTV) so that I could get motivated to finish it up.

This is how it started:

Then came the insane wallpaper challenge: 

Followed by a terrible wallboard patch job and a stupid box covering the water main: 

But I am undaunted!  

Look for the finished project later this week!  (I'm really excited about how it is turning out.)

Here's a hint! 

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