Friday, March 2, 2012


What can you do with a two year-old?  A pre-preschooler?  What can they learn?  LOTS!

When my children were young, my mother gave us a bunch of "Folder Games" for our children.  They were wonderful learning tools.  And great for taking to church or playing a "game night" with little ones.  Sadly, they were eventually worn out and grown out of.  And I didn't keep what was left of them.  But I do remember some of the concepts and have started replicating them for Charlie!

Here is one of Charlie's favorites!  Color Matching!  And he even knows color names like "teal, maroon, and lavender" now. 

This one was very tricky at first---but now Charlie has mastered it! Facial recognition is harder than it looks!  

Shape recognition and naming.  This is the "more shapes."  There is a basic one that has triangle, circle, square, etc.

This one is for MAKING Faces! 

Charlie giggles every time.

He has just started with number counting and recognition.  This one has cards to 12, but we are only using 1-5 for now.

Touching one to one on each dot and then learning to recognize the  number and match them up!  He's so HAPPY when he gets it right!

Two year-olds LOVE to learn.  And it is a JOY to teach them!  

Folder games are easy to make.  Come up with a "game."  Put the pieces in a zip-loc bag stapled to one side of the folder and put the "board" on the other side of the folder.  Or make them totally separate like the number game is.  Any pre-school topic will do.  Numbers, colors, shapes, telling time, seasons, fruits and vegetables, etc.  We plan on making more!  And they all fit in a nice little file box.


  1. Thanks for posting these great teaching ideas.

  2. Thanks! I will post more as we come up with them.


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